HTCC-AB02S GPS green LED next to USB port

Hi out there, im just starting to use AB02S GPS Module.

If GPS is working an small green LED beside the USB port ist flashing, not the RGB LED!
I want to stop this LED flashing, but i can’t find anything about this in the code.

On shematic I think it is LED D6 on IO8 / GPIO8, but on th Pinout Diagram there is on GPIO8 only SCL1.
But on GPIO12 there is GPS_LED, only going to header P2.

Need here some clarification and where to turn this LED off.

You can’t turn it off because it is driven by GPS chip. Look at GPS chip. It has GPIO8. The options we have is 1) cut its line off, 2) break the green LED. Maybe 2) is the best choice for us.


For now, you can only remove it using physical methods

Thanks, this port on GPS module i havn’t seen, writings is little bit overlapped.