HTCC-AB02A vs LoRa Node 151 specs?

Hi, is there a comparison of the HTCC-AB02A and LoRa Node 151’s specs? Here’s what I see so far as the similarities & differences. Also, which compiler is recommended for the Node 151?


DIFFERENCES: HTCC-AB02A: FCC certified (and CE), Arduino compatible, almost no documentation available for the uC, Low power consumption

LoRa Node 151: not FCC certified (only CE), ST Micro uC , not Arduino compatible, RAM and other specs clearly available, even lower power consumption, a bit more more expensive.

Except what you said, HTCC-AB02A use ASR6502 SoC: Cortex-M0+ and SX1262
LoRa Node 151 use STM32L151 and sx1276.
About LoRa Node 151 we used STM32CubeIDE compiler

check this forum, sleep down to 3-6uA