HTCC-AB02A has a secret green LED

Just sharing the fact that the HTCC-AB02A does have a usable green led on GPIO13

#define LED GPIO13

I spotted the factory firmware did light it up yet its not documented anywhere other than on the cirtuit diagram, its is very bright and I don’t think this pin supports PWM (that said the factory code had it very low).

Anyway, we have an LED to use.

Can HELTEC share the factory default code for this board??

Is that for AB02A too? its not I don’t think

Yes, but you need ban the OLED code.

I’ve looked and looked but cant find the code that handles the green led on the AB02A - I know it exists as the factor code lights the green led when it does at TX/RX - can you help?

Where is the code that does the AB02A green led?

Ok I’ve worked it out why factory default code appears to dimly light the green led on these devices. Possibly by accident the green led is matched to the green RGB pin and therefore gets activated when the green element is needed - it only works if you force it to think it has and RGB led as per the other modules.

you have to :-

enable RGB with board_build.arduino.lorawan.rgb = ACTIVE
then add #define RGB P0_6 to the pins file for the halfAA device

The standard RGB code will then handle the single green led on the AB02A, whist it seems to just work I suspect this is not the ideal way to run the green LED given the blue and red pins are also getting signals sent to them even with no led attached,

it is GPIO13

This led can’t control. It’s a power indicator.

When the USB is plugged in, it will light up.

The schematic for the user led should say green, its not red - is GPIO13 PWM enabled?

Whatever the factory default code is doing it is triggering this green led in a ‘very dim’ way (by accident as its intended to run a neopixel), this is what started this whole thread off - yes we can use the green led via the digital pin but it is very bright.

yes, GPIO13 works. GPIO31 = 6, if you print its value. perhaps an example sketch should be provided in the library. thanks.