HTCC-AB02A 433Mhz (1/2AA) maximum distance 1.3km

I purchased two CubeCell 1/2AA 433Mhz modules and tried to test the communication range at a maximum power 22dB with small antennas from the kit and powered by USB.

The sketch was written based on “LoRaSender_ReadBattery”.
The settings are:
RF_FREQUENCY 438000000
indoors with a distance between the modules of 2m RSSI = -37, SNR = 6
in open terrain the maximum range was 1.3km with RSSI = -98, SNR = -22

I do not have instruments for accurate measurements, but in my opinion, the modules do not give out 22dB. The signal is too weak already at 2m and the maximum distance in open areas is only 1.3km.


The maximum output of CubeCell 1/2AA is 20dB.

Thanks for the info. I tried with 20, but did not see any fundamental changes. Is it really the maximum capabilities of these modules?
The product description on the website has a maximum communication distance test of 4.2km.

The test environment has a influence on the distance.

The situation we tested at the time:

  1. The gateway is erected at the height of the 14th floor.

  2. Both the gateway antenna and the node antenna are vertical to the ground.

  3. The environment is relatively empty.

4G(or 3G) communication base station will cause some interference to it.

How much can the communication range increase if a separate bandpass filter is used? I understand that these modules are good for low power and battery power, and in addition, the cost of the filter will be higher than the cost of the module itself.


could you please change to 470MHz(code) with these two nodes? And test it again.

When it is possible to ship, our inventory management will send you a 470MHz version.