@jasonXu, would you be able to provide the 3D .step file for the HTCC-AB01?

I am creating a custom PCB that will include the AB01 and I need to make sure it can fit in the enclosure.

I checked here and was unable to file any 3D files.

Thank you.

Any suggestions? Even a pin layout would be helpful. Specifically measurements for the interior pins.

Do it the old fashioned way.
Take calipers, measure everything and adapt your PCB design :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I will get to it.


I would also appreciate very much an official STEP file for both AB01 and AM02 !
Very useful when designin custom enclsures.


Hello, I have modelled the HTCC-AM02 in .STEP, it can be downloaded here
I use it with KiCAD