HTCC-AB01 +SHT30 + e-ink - possible?

Hello ,

I have working code which sending temperature and humidity value over LoRaWAN.

Now my idea is to add e-ink in order to display last measured values.

Before i order some e-ink i would like to ask you , if it actually possible ?
Anyone tried and maybe can share a piece of code related e-ink connection with HTCC-AB01 ?

Thank you !

Why shouid it not work? use an adapter with SPI communication

I would propose first to check the e-ink display manual for the number of the control lines needed. I myself had the intention to connect an e-paper display with SPI interface to an HTTC-AB02 and found there could be conflicts .

This is to complicated for me . Dont have such experience . Maybe someone want to finish this for me ? I offer of course money for solution and code