HTCC-AB01 and interference

I have installed several nodes with HTCC-AB01 board and different sensors (temperature and humidity, NH3, CO2). They collect data every 20 minutes and send it to another receiving node through LORA 868 MHz.

There are times of the day when no data arrives. At other times they only carry several nodes. And at other times of the day everything works perfectly.

I think that electromagnetic equipment external to our system is preventing the nodes from sending the data.

Does anyone know how to avoid these interference problems?

I have issue that some of my devices not even start when connected to battery - not sending join request… when connected to USB all good.

I also have same issue like you described , some of device are works on battery and from time to time doest not send aynthing for even 2-3 hours.
Did you investigate further this topic ?

what kind of receiving node is that?

Hello. We continue to investigate, without positive results at the moment. I think the problem is in the outside noise. This would make the nodes unable to send the data. But it is only an assumption.
We are using angled antennas with 5dBi gain and 195mm length. Are they the right ones to work with LoRa 868 Mhz?
Could the problem be in the antenna cables?

The receiving nodes are made up of a heltec HTCC-AB01, an electronic board and a temperature or CO2 sensor. The electronic boards are inside a PVC box and the sensor is outside it.

We continue testing and we have been able to verify that the boards block and do not send data when they are located near fluorescent tubes or frequency converters.

Is there any way to mitigate these interferences? I would like to be able to do it by modifying the LORA sending parameters, but so far I have not been able to.

Maybe mechanically? Maybe with another development board?