HTCC AB01 and external .96" OLED display

Using a Cubecell HTCC AB01 board ( I wonder if anyone know how to use an external I2C OLED 1306 128x64 display (photo).

I have connected such display which works fine with the factory installed sketch. No success when using libraries from RinkyDink or Adafruit.

Any help is appreciated!


Please use the I2C scanner code to check the I2C connection.
After you get the I2C address, please check your program with the correct address.
Also, this monitor does not have a reset pin, you should disable the reset pin by setting to -1.


maybe you can refer these code:

Thanks both for helping. When trying the examples mentioned by Jason next line generates the compiling error ‘GPO10’ was not declared in this scope:

SD1306Wire display(0x3c, 500000, I2C_NUM_0,GEOMETRY_128_64,GPIO10 ); // addr , freq , i2c group , resolution , rst


This code is designed for Ab02, so it can’t be compiled

please modified like this:
SSD1306Wire display(0x3c, 500000, I2C_NUM_0,GEOMETRY_128_64);

Great, thank you Jason.