HT-M2808 Not Syncing with blockchain

I have Heltec HT-M2808. The hotspot was added on Oct 19th. Everything worked fine. The hotspot syncronized in an hour or so. I moved it to a different location and after the last firmware upgrade (V1.1.6) it stopped working. Basically out of sync. I logged into the hotspot through the diagnostic page using hotspot IP, did RESTART and after that did RESET. The latest block height matched. But when I pair with my phone and go to Diagnostic Page in Helium App, Blockchain Sync shows 0%. Plus firmware in Helium App Diagnostic Report shows 2019.11.06.0 while in Heltec Diagnostic page shows 2021.10.29.0_GA. Tried restarting and resetting hotspot but it didn’t help. How to fix this issue?

We have repaired it for you remotely, and you can now check whether the status is normal.

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I have same problem please help me. Why write 0% sync when I did it all over again and it worked normally