HT-M2808 Dashboard Login Issue

I recently received my Miner today and after adding via the App, the blockchain sync has started.

I am however having issues logging in via the miner address (

I have read the FAQ and I am using the generic username (HT-M2808) and password (last_6_alphanumeric_characters_of_macaddress-in lower case).

I have tried this on 2 Hotspot Miners and the results are the same.

My setup involves wireless connection on 2.5Ghz via a Mobile Router.

I have verified the mac addresses for both on the labels and on the router.

No port forwarding has been setup as I don’t believe this is a port related issue and also doesn’t work for Mobile router due to cgnats from isp.

I have seen one other person with similar from the discord channel and its been a dead end so far.

Use the Ethernet MAC address, not the Wi-Fi MAC address.

where i could get password and username to log in dashboard?


Thanks, that fixed it!

Its worth noting that if you use the MAC address from your router then you’ll need to use lowercase letters. Ask me how I know :wink:

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Hi, you wrote “the FAQ” wher I can find the description?? The last 6 characters means for example: 67:45:33:g9:16:fe -> g916fe right?? and the PW:HT-M2808
in my case it doesnt work!

The username is HT-M2808 the password in your quoted case is g916fe

Thank you jaybee! now it works, but it was the say I tried Yesterday without accses! So I´m not sure what was the first problem, anyhow THANK YOU!!!
Last Question, I´m wondering becaus there must somewhere detail information I didn´t find. What FAQ?? because the HelTec FAQ site is just a short information withot this topic.
Best regards

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Probably best to get on the Discord server and check the FAQ section there or just ask.