HT-M02 V2 not connecting to Server

I have an HT-M02 V2 that has until now been working fine.
Today it was no longer connected to TTN so I rebooted it and still no connection
I checked the settings through the web application and rebooted again but still not going
I put wireshark on to monitor its communications and found that I can ping it and the web interface works but there is no traffic to TTN.
I used Putty to SSH and checked the service is running and it was but when I use
sudo systemctl status lrgateway I get the following
The system shows the service is running but the last two lines both say
08:13:48 HT-M02 lora_pkt_fwd[4275]: ./ 23: echo: I/O error
Can you please advise what I need to check in the packet forwarder to resolve this?

After a reboot the HT-M02 webserver displays the setup page but with a big “PLEASE WAIT…” in red and I can now no longer get access through its webserver?
is there a way to factory restore this unit?