HT-M02 Lora Application diverse issues

Hello there.

First of all, I am loving the gateway. It is super easy to install, and the rugged construction is a must for harsh and outdoor environments. I have a POE version.

I am sorely missing the documentation for the internal Lora Application server; not that is really necessary to get started, but I am having some issues.

  • First, where is the place to create an AppEUI? When creating a new application (Lora Application-Create button) there are only two boxes to type in the application name and description. When creating a device, (Application, click on name of application, add button) there is no box to type in an AppEUI

  • I have setted points in my API to receive the information (Applications-Click on edit button for the application) and it is sending information for the points, however it seems that format is not consistent, like this:

{“applicationID”: “90”, “applicationName”: “Pesqueria”, “deviceName”: “AB02Antena”, “devEUI”: “008axxxxxxxxf1db”, “txInfo”: {“frequency”: 903700000, “dr”: 2}, “adr”: true, “fCnt”: 7, “fPort”: 2, “data”: “AAECAw==”}

which sometimes is like this:

{“applicationID”: “90”, “applicationName”: “Pesqueria”, “deviceName”: “AB02Antena”, “devEUI”: “008axxxxxxxxf1db”, “frequency”: 903700000, “dr”: 2, “adr”: true, “fCnt”: 19, “fPort”: 2, “data”: “ADJkAQ==”}

Last, this is not about the M02, however I am not able to decode/decrypt the payload as sent by the internal server. In the receiving api, I am using Python and I have tried the library at with no success. Is there any link/documentation that you may recommend?

Thanks and best regards.