HT-M02 4G Power Options


I’m considering purchasing a HT-M02 gateway, however, I’m a little concerned about how to power the system. In the technical spec section of the product description page ( it is stated that the device can run off 220v/110v or PoE at 51v. However, it is inferred that the 4G variant does not come with PoE.

The company I work for plan to deploy a gateway in a remote location, using batteries and a solar panel to provide power - utilising the 4G/3G network to sending data to chirpstack or TTN.

How would we go about powering the device? Am I correct to assume PoE is not available with the 4G variant?

It seems like poor practice to have to use a DC-AC step-up converter on the battery. Is this my only option?

Thanks in advance!


The 4G version and the POE version are completely independent.

The power source of 4G version is 110V/220V.

The power source of the POE version is POE(please refer the picture).

We also have an idea for M02S, battery powered and solar charging. This project has just started, not sure when it will be available to consumers

This may not be practical. we have another lora gateway(USB TYPE C power supply): HT-M00

you can think about it.

Hey Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

The issue with the HT-M00 is the lack of cellular uplink.


So the only way I could power the HT-M02 4G variant from a battery & solar would be through using something like this attached to the output of my solar converter?

Same problem for me! @jasonXu about the HT-M00 do you have the 915 version working with cube cell? Can you guys provided an arduino code with the channel mask configured for two channels?


you can refer the url: