HT-M01S no received messages

I have recently bought an AU 915 mhz HT-M01S gateway and successfully configured the gateway over LAN. The gateway is set to listen on channel AU 915, Channels 8-15,65 (TTN Australia). I have also tried on Channels 1-7.

I have the gateway set up with the large antenna connected to the LoRa port, and the small antenna to the wifi port (like on the amazon images from the heltec store).

I have a LoraWAN device on AU915 transmitting on channel 8 in the same room, and also a number of other AU915 LoRa nodes nearby that are known to be working. My HT-M01S shows “null” for both the Rx and Tx after 48 hours of testing.

Firmware v1.3 (Can’t seem to get the device to show on COM port to upgrade to 1.4).

What might be the problem?

What node are you using? Please confirm whether the frequency points of the node and the gateway correspond to each other.

Regarding the firmware upgrade, you cannot find the COM port of the HT-M01S?

@shaffer my own node is running on AU915 Channel 8. IT has been running successfully for 1 year now. There are many nodes in my area that run on AU915 with TheThingsNetwork that should appear.

Regarding the COM port of the HT-M01S I have installed the Universal SiLabs CP2104 Driver but no COM port is appearing in the Windows 10 Device Manager when I plug the HT-M01S in on USB.

Windows download this driver to try:

Yes, this is what I installed. This isn’t the biggest issue - the issue is not receiving packets

If we can see the information printed on the serial port of the gateway, we can better analyze the reason why the gateway cannot receive the packets. Can you take a screenshot of the configuration page of HT-M01S?