HT-M01 not receiving any packets

Configured the HT-M01 with rpi zero w through SPI.
The gateway is constantly visible at heltec cloud, no problems here.

I’m using the CN470 config. But not a single packet is received from the nodes.
Meanwhile when I power up the HT-M00 gateway then I can see the uplink packets coming from nodes.

The global_conf.js I have the similar freq setup for radio_1 and radio_2 as for htm-00 = 472100000 and 472300000.
The status of the lrgateway service at raspberry pi also shows 0 received packets.

The node is running in 1 channel mode. But no data received from node by the gateway no matter how long.

I there any way I can see the status of the gateway on which channels/frequencies it is running at the moment?

please ignore.
somehow it started to work after manually stopping the service through

sudo systemctl stop lrgateway

and starting it through the /home/pi/lora/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd/lora_pkt_fwd