HT-M01 and TTN V3

Did anyone get a HT-M01 (raspi) to work with the TTN V3? Is it just getting a new gateway ID from the TTN v3 and changing the server or do I have to do more changes in the gateway software?



When you use the Raspberry Pi to drive the gateway, the gateway ID of the gateway is generated according to the MAC address of the Raspberry Pi.

If you modify gateway ID manually.Then, when your Raspberry Pi restarts, your gateway ID will be overwritten with the original gateway ID again.

You can block this part of the code that overwrites gateway ID. Change the “FFEE” in this part to other values you want. Then re-run./, the Gateway ID of the gateway will be changed.

Or continue to use the gateway ID generated by the Raspberry Pi MAC address

I apologize, I think I have to be more specific. My HT-M01 is running fine for about 6 months with the TTN V2 and several clients using it. My interest is what changes are necessary to switch to TTN V3.