HT-M00 trouble connecting

Hi there!
I have a hard time connecting to the gateway. It supposed to be simple, connect to the SSID (M00_1050) and enter password (supposed to be However it does not connect no matter if I use a phone or computer. It seems that the password is incorrect. I put it on serial monitor and this is the output:
Heltec HT-M00 firmware Rev 1.1
WiFi SSID : HelTec_AutoMation
WiFi PASS : hunter_3120
CH0 FREQ : 868100000
CH1 FREQ : 868300000
MIN SF : 7
MAX SF : 12
GateWayID : 10521CFFFF5B5B50
MDNS responder started
HTTP server started

However also the password provided here is not working (this is existing config so I just tried instead). So what is wrong?

kind regards, martin


Based on your description, we think that maybe is hardware’s problem(ESP32 chip is breaken).

In September 2020, we release the Initial version of HT-M00. The version of software is Heltec HT-M00 firmware Rev 1.1. So, I guess your M00 should be the original version.

We have not tested one function(that is connectting the WiFi) of this batch of the earliest M00 that leaves the factory.

Please contact with Your seller and replace a new M00.