HT-M00 setup for US

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I recently purchased the M00. I ordered the US/915Mhz version.

When trying to get it set-up, the original channel configuration was for 868.1 and 868.3, which appear to be the EU channels. Is the hardware identical between the US and EU version? If yes, what frequencies should I enter in the setup to make this work in the US?

Also, I’m using nodes from other manufacturers. I see this comment in the instructions:
“When using the HT-M00 gateway, using nodes other than the company’s CubeCell series, you need to change the node’s preamble length to 16 (default is 8). If the preamble length is not modified to 16, only SF7 can be received.” How do I make this modification?


Our cubecell is modified in this, you can refer to it

The answer is YES. HT-M00 is Dual Channel LoRa Gateway. The two channels are up to you.Just select the corresponding channel in the node code and gateway configuration interface.

Hello -

For the cubecell example, how do I connect to the HT-M00 to make this change? I can connect to the web interface, but this looks like a code level change. I’m not familiar with how to do that. Can you provide instructions or an updated firmware that includes the change?

If you use our cubecell, you don’t need modify the node’s preamble length to 16. Because default is 16 for cubecell. You just need modify the userChannelsMask.

How to modify the userChannelsMask? Please refer the url:

I don’t think I’m being clear. I have a HT-M00 and want to use it as a gateway for a Laird Sentrius Sensor (

It is not connecting to the Heltec gateway. It will connect to other gateways.
The gateway is connecting to the TNN, it just is not connecting to the sensors.

Do I need to change anything on the Heltec configuration to allow the Laird sensor to connect to it?

If you look at jasonXu’s comment in my HT-M00 thread it seems like it’ll only work as a gateway if you’re able to modify the preamble length of the nodes that you’re using.

Given that it’s not possible to do that for a lot of 3rd party nodes I think it’s bad advertising to describe the HT-M00 as a Lora gateway - it’s only going to work in a very limited number of cases.

Mine’s going back to Amazon for a refund.

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  • First of all, in the LoRaWAN protocol, users are allowed to modify the preamble. Those nodes that cannot modify the preamble are their problem.
  • Then, the node that has modified the preamble can still access other gateways normally without any impact.
  • The most important thing is: HT-M00 is positioned as a low-cost gateway. Our purpose is to allow users to use the various cloud servers and excellent LoRaWAN protocols with lower expenses. Price and performance, you can only choose one… I think everyone can understand this simple truth.

In other words, it’s like buying a car. If I have enough money, of course I would like to buy a V8 or even a W12 engine car, such a car will bring me a perfect experience in all aspects. But if the money is not sufficient, then I have to buy a cheap car with L4 or L3 engine. But the disadvantage is this car will not bring me good acceleration, performance, and experience.

Regarding the issue of HT-M00 dual-channel gateway, we have emphasized the issue of the preamble to all agents and asked them to add explanations in prominent places. You can dislike our HT-M00 gateway, but please don’t interfere with others’ judgment.