HT-M00 -> Please provide a correct license! or License activation

Hi there, after connecting the HT-M00 and joining it via Wifi for adding the needed content, the device restarted and is frozen in " Gateway Starting". The Serial Monitor gives following information:

00:53:45.680 -> CH0 FREQ : 868100000
00:53:45.680 -> CH1 FREQ : 868300000
00:53:45.680 -> MIN SF : 7
00:53:45.680 -> MAX SF : 12
00:53:45.680 -> SERVER ADDR :
00:53:45.680 -> SERVER PORT : 1700
00:53:45.680 -> TIME ZONE : UTC+1
00:53:45.680 -> GateWayID : ****************
00:53:45.680 -> inside license error, check user license
00:53:45.680 -> Please provide a correct license! For more information:
00:53:45.680 ->
00:53:45.680 -> ESP32ChipID=***************
(************= have key but I deleted it here)

What can I do now?

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I have flashed the new firmware on it … with the same result

but …

-> Error license

the flashing via the esptool is shuting down the terminal without response… so I am not sure if it is done right…

and the Monitor output says: “M ERR:: readConfig, file=/esplicense2.txt does not exist”

You can refer to this document to send the certificate to the device.

Hi.Quency-D thanks for the answer.

Yes I have done this. The response from the Device is the output “$-> Error license”.

I have tried to flash the V1.8 on it and sending cdkey at command via arduiono with the same result… Error License

I think that is not an issue with the device… I think the Licence is wrong ?

i am wondering because the TTN gives me a similar answer when I try to add new gateway…

Hi @tjarkziehm

Sorry for this problem, because the gateway you purchased was produced in February this year, and the encryption algorithm of the gateway has not been updated at that time, we have already upgraded the algorithm of the gateway in the database. Please try again.

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Thanks a lot. I will try again and come back asap

Ok, i think an important part in the documentation is missing.
Take your GateWayID from the Monitor after flashing the newest firmware.
Go to the link and enter the GateWay ID to get the licence.
The license is shown in a way that the computer knows about hexadecimal system, which is used to write the key. Each content ( bold ) has to be splitted with “,” and “0x”.


The Licence which is needed to send via (example arduino monitor ) is


and will give back an $ 13:08:56.083 -> The board is actived

Have fun with it

UPDATE: I wrote about the “,” inside the given license… I have installed 3 HT-M00 and sometimes the given license has an other format without the “,” and an additional " " in it… so look carefully to take only the important parts.
best regards

I have the same issue and tried according to your instructions. does only accept the ESP chip ID and not the gateway id but shows an ESP32 key and not a gateway key.
The gateway returns “Error license” with this code (all ,0x removed)

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Since we have updated the license algorithm in the firmware V1.8, please send your ESP32 chip ID to, and we will generate a new license for you.

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I sent you the chip number