How to use OLED when use loraWAN

When use loraWAN the library use OLED to show status, and that is great. But I want to use also de OLED to show some application information. How i can procede ?


Please refer the picture:


Hello friend, I see the pictures and I have see that before. What you want to say?
I have to modify loraWan library to write to Oled from there ?

I mean: you can add the function you want in the corresponding function.

For example, you want to show “1234” on the screen when the node joined the network:

Of course, you can also add your information to these functions:
and more function…

Ok Jason, but i want to send data to OLED from main process, to show my process information there. I will make a function on loraWan class to use from main process to print information. Are this aproch ok?
There is other way to avoid modify the loraWan Class?


At present, the best way is that add information to the LoRaWan_APP file. Because some of the contents in the “. ino” file can’t be modified at will.

We are doing optimization recently. maybe you can refer this topic:CubeCell AB01 and LoRaWAN: frame counter is not incrementing after few days of running time

Thanks my friend. i will do in that way.