How to use a DHT22 with Heltec Cubecell

Hi, I bought a Heltec Cubecell HTCC AB01. I want to development a small weather station using this board. One board send datas from sensors (DHT22 and BMP280) to another board using Lora radio. Can you show me how I can code this program?


maybe you can refer this code:

Hi, Mr. Xu
Thanks for the message. I tried to usthe example code mentioned but an error message occurs because of this line" bool keepNet = LORAWAN_NET_RESERVE;". I live in Brazil and I choose the AU915 for Lorawan region. The version of the cubecell library is 1.0.0. Tried with the versions 0.04, 0.05 but occurs the same error.
Can you help me about this?
And if you have other examples using this board with sensors like DTH 22, BMP280? I have no expereince with rf modules.
Thank you.

Hi, maybe you set the net reservation mode to on try to off it
that picture from htcc-AB02A, but in 01 the same parameters if you use arduino ideimage

or you can refer this


maybe you can use the git version.