How to send Lora msg from wireless stick lite v2 and wireless stick lite v3?

I have been using wireless stick lite v2 to send sensor data between each other. Now it is discontinued. I have bought wireless stick lite v3 but when I send Lora msg from old v2 chip, new v3 version is not receiving any thing and vice versa. However v3 is able to read and transmit to another v3 chip.

Both v2 and v3 have same frequency, spreading factor etc. But they cannot communicate with each other. Please guide me how to do this.


Are V2 and V3 the codes in the downloaded new environment?

Yes new 0.0.7 version. The issue was setSyncWord the newer chip has different setSyncWord as default (0x12 for private network) and (0x34 for LoRawan network). But I got it working by changing few setting on v2 version.


The lora antenna is close to the USER key, and the V3 antenna should be plugged in.