How to send and receive temperature/humidity and soil moisture data with LoRa and send to blynk

I am experimenting with lora communication using two heltec wireless stick modules.

The data of DHT22 and Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor can be communicated with Peer to Peer.

I can see the received data serially, but I can’t write a sketch to send this to the blynk.

What Idid .

1.Based on the sketch from Aaron.Lee from HelTec AutoMation, I combined the sketch of DHT22 and the capacitive soil moisture sensor as the sender.

2.The sketch of Aaron.Lee from HelTec AutoMation was made the receiver.

I feel that the problem is that the received serial print is output as a single packet.

Anyone know of a sketch that sends received packets to the blynk?

thunk you.

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