How to do the battery management for HELTEC WIFI LORA 32 V3

Hi, i have a 3.7V, 1000mAh of Li-Po battery. I want use it as a backup power supply for my wifi lora 32 V3, and also i want to display the all the information of the battery included the battery voltage while charging and not charging, battery capacity, battery percentage, battery life last long and some others useful function regarding with battery. As well as the code for battery charging while connect with usb.

Any codes available for me to references? Much appreciated~
Thanks you

I suggest as a starter read this excellent article on measuring Battery voltage on the V3 . The rest of the factors you are trying to display will be dependent on the battery you are using specifically and its discharge characteristics, if it is from a tier 1 supplier they should have that information in their data sheets. I have only used this as a gross measurement to give a warning of possibly approaching low battery condition. Storing values in non volatile memory when I deep sleep so I can keep track of changes.