How to add watchdog support in cubecell?

Require watchdog support in CubeCell but couldn’t find any example or way to add watchdog in application, so, can someone explain how to add it? or watchdog example would be better to understand
Thank you in advance for your support

The ASR650X chip has an internal watchdog. But this watchdog function is very bad… the maximum dog feeding time only 2S

It means if the system is in the deep sleep status, the system need to wake up every 2 seconds to feed the dog, that’s very unfriendly for low power features.

So, you may need consider add an external watchdog chip or module.

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How would I enable this internal watchdog function of the ASR650X Chip?

With my current use that is not a concern, but space is! So the internal watchdog even as it is unfriendly would still work for me, How would I enable it?

Can you not switch the watchdog off after it has sucesfully completed X task?

you could use the TPL5010.
I need a watchdog too in my circuit and the TPL5010 “only” needs to get feed every 7200s (2h).
regarding to the datasheet the current consumption is about 35nA and therefore suitable for low power circuits. Anyway 2h is much better than 2s, but you guys know maybe an other external watchdog who has to be feeded even less? @Supporter


you can refer this code: