How long does it take to ship?

Good afternoon, place an order last 05/10/2020 on this page, and at the same time I made another one on Ali Express of the same components in the official Heltec store.

The plates of aliexpress have already been sent, and of the order that I made on the official page (with 20 euros of postage, I do not know anything, nor do they update any state). Can someone tell me how to cancel the order? It doesn’t seem professional to me.

when you order at the heltec site you can be shure to get your order, no need to worry.

shipping in the corona days is hard and can take longer.
sometimes flights get cancled, …

Many orders have been shipped, but we have not yet received the tracking number, because there is too much backlog of goods, we need to wait in line.

OK, i´m must to watining then.

Very sorry about that…:heart:

The order was delivered today by fedex to Spain. Thanks to heltec company, there was a gift component in the shipment. Thanks again.

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