How get licence my heltec lora shield


I bought a heltec lora module a few years ago. After inserting the query program, I got “ESP32 Chip ID = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.
Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a license at
The answer was “Without this ID, please check and re-enter”
How Can I get a license to use my hardware.

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Just paste your ChipID here or send private message to me, I will upload to the database.

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Hi can you add my ChipIDs please? I’m having the same problem…0C33B5286F24 and 4C3BB5286F24 Thanks!


Write to Aaron.Lee at which add your chipID to

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I want register 6 modules, can i paste here the id’s and you register my modules? o can you send me a private message? (i dont found the option to send you a private message)



I tried sending an email to a few days back but I am not sure if it went through. I purchased a wifi lora 32 board made by Heltec and i’m trying to get the lora license code for the board. The chip id is A9738D2DE6B4. I get the error “without this id, please check and re-enter” when I try to lookup de code on your website. If you can add this id to your table or provide another means of getting this code that would be appreciated.

Due to the recent holiday, We did not check the email in time, and the license has been generated for you and uploaded to the database. Please check again.

Hi, I’m facing the same problem. Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.

Please use this example to get the chip ID.

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please mi chip id no working, activate please


I need the license for


thank you

Hi, Can i have a license for 23A752673828 please?

The product needs to be signaled in order to be added.

Thank you for help.
Do you have a guide or docs to what “signaled” refer to?

Sorry, this should be the product model number.

Hello, my ID device is F87961A8CC84. HelpMe

Chip ID = E8BFA0842178, many thanks!

Hello, my ID devices are 2C47947EB994 and F033947EB994. please HelpMe

Hello , my ID devices is 401C14F7C630 (ESP32 LoRa V2) please provide license for me.