How do I wire up the si7021 sensor to an esp32 with oled?

I have an si7021 sensor connected to the esp32w/OLED.
The si7021 has CL, DA, +(3.3), and - (gnd).

I connected the GND to GND, the 3.3 to 3.3, the CL to 22 (this might be wrong?), and the DA to 23.


Any free GPIO pins will be fine. Refer to this example can try to scan your device via I2C1:

Thank you for this. I got this to work, but for future reference which pins are ok for SDA and CLK when I read a pinout chart of a chip? I also read that the Si7021 can only be used one at a time on a project because they are ?hardcoded? addresses?

c) You can only have one of these on a given I2C string. This is due to the address being hardcoded (0x40) into the chip. Not Sparkfun’s fault!

If you want to use more than one sensor just use a TCA9548A. That is a 1 to 8 i2c switch.
You can switch between 8 i2c Interfaces to use up to 8 devices with the same address

This keeps finding i2c @ 0x3c even when the i2c doesn’t have power. Readings are all over the board…I have it connected on GND,3.3,PIN22 and PIN21.