How do I reinstall the factory firmware/OS on HT-M02 V2?

Looks like during the process of updating the software via the command line there was an error soon after removing the library. Before realizing what happened, I restarted the box. Now I cannot connect. Attempting to ssh into the gateway give me connection failed on port 22 and connecting over serial via a CP2102 USB - UART allows me to type in a login name, but states “Login incorrect” without presenting a password prompt. So, it is in essence “bricked.” If I could back back to a command prompt (as root), I can install the library and restore full access, but am unable to log in.

Ideally I’d love help to log in, but I think I need to reinstall the OS and I cannot find instructions anywhere.

Thanks in advance for the help!


I managed to get it back to functioning condition. The secret was booting into a recovery mode using the serial connection. At that point, I could copy the shared library from the running system into the disk (that I had to first mount). Please reply if more details would be helpful recovering from this or a similar problem.


I think I have the same issue, please could you tell me how you activated the recovery mode ? I see nothing connected in serial on my computer.


I don’t recall exactly how I did this - I knew I should have taken notes. If I recall correctly, I was googling rockchip or cortex a-55 recovery mode booting to give me insight. I think it has something to do with pressing the little button on the side under the cover while booting. And of course, using a usb serial device connecting my computer and ht-m02. This worked for me:

I think it was pretty finicky about timing and button presses. I don’t remember it always working. For me, when I connected via serial, I would get a login: prompt, but could not login as my password could not be encrypted due to a missing library (that somehow was deleted). When I boot into the recovery mode, it boot into a separate partition on the eMMC into a busybox shell (I think). I mounted the regular boot partition and copied the libcrypt library from the recovery partition to the boot partition.

When that was done, I booted again and connected via serial and this time, it recognized the password. After that, I was golden.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall why I knew the libcrypt library was missing.

Big thanks for your help I will try this :slight_smile: