Hotspot miner ! Delivery

good can someone tell me when the hotspots we ordered on friday are due for delivery? hug

In order to bring users a better shopping experience, we are correcting the concurrency problem of the website. It is hoped that this problem will be completed within this week, and a new round of pre-sale will be opened next week.

After completing the technical docking with the Helium official, the goods will be shipped within 30 working days after your payment.:grinning::grinning:

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This is great to hear.

Hello… Is HelTec… on track for all of the Oct 1st Discount sale deliveries for the UK ?

We are shipping in succession. and we will ship them according to the time sequence of the order.

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So is it possible for you to tell and explain to us how this exactly works, as there seems to be a lot of confusion within the Heltec Discord community as to how your putting this into practice,

As im hearing that US/Canada etc are being shipped first.

If this was the case then I couldn’t see it would be possible to ship them according to the time sequence of the order.

as orders are coming from all over the world in secession.

So please explain to me the order sequence,

Thank you so much Shaffer

I have confirmed with my colleagues in the trade department that we ship according to the time sequence of the order and the specific production situation. EU868 is currently being shipped.

Ok that would make sense then … thank you, You have been very helpful :slight_smile: