Hiletgo ESP32 built-in OLED WiFi kit

Hello, I am very new to ESP32 so please bear with my noobness.
I purchased the Hiletgo ESP32 built in OLED WIFI kit 32.
When I powered it up the OLED screen displayed the WiFi networks that it discovered.
I went through what I thought was the process of installing Wled to the ESP32 but in doing so I believe I wiped the OLED screen and the WIFI capabilities on the ESP32.
It does seem that Wled is on the device, if I keep the ESP32 connected to my laptop I can run wled and control the led’s. But if I disconnect the USB cable it loses connection and will not connect over WIFI.
Is there a way to get this ESP32 back to factory settings and keep or add Wled back on it if I have to remove it to get back to factory?

Thank you for any help, take care!