Heltek does not work

Hello, I have such a situation on Heltek - it has been working properly for 3 months, there was a problem with the Internet (1 day), then it went offline and did not return, does not connect to the blockchain, is turned on, white and orange lamps (does not flash) Danny Internet is stable - Restart, clear cache I tried everything at time intervals (24-48 hours), do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

I have very similar issue, been running this hotspot “Sticky Blush Ape” for the last 3 months, no issues. Ports are open, direct connection can be established through hotspotty and the new heltec hotspot console, firmware up to date, all lights are on, inbound and outbound connection shows operational, passes data packets, 0 witnesses, was synced within a day, device shows online in the explorer. Rebooted multiple times without any result. Have not yet “flushed” the device using the pin hole in the back as I cant find exact procedures or what it actually does. May be this will give you some ideas of what to do. Let me know if anything works and how you fix it.

You can send your machine information and questions to support@heltec.cn.

in my region there were several such cases, all the indicators showed the working state of the miner, but they showed offline, all the owners carried out identical procedures: restart, reset, power off,
nothing helped!
But!!! all the miners themselves connected to the network after 7-8 days, it also happened to my miner, for me the most difficult thing is when it is not possible to understand the reason for such behavior, how to behave in such a situation is not clear,

Are your hotspots firmware updated to the latest?

Thank you very much, I was talking to you via email and all is working now. Not sure if it was something you did or happened on its own but thank you any way.