Heltec Wireless Stick LoRaWAN & Display

I have successfully compiled and uploaded the OTAA_DHT11 sketch to this device and have it transmitting data correctly.

However, this sketch does not refer properly to the little inbuilt display, so the display does not work properly (it does not prevent the sketch from joining and transmitting to the LoRaWAN network, though). Just the display is messed up.

I looked at the Wireless_Stick_Factory Test sketch, which does write properly to the display, but it uses heltec.h and commands like

    Heltec.display->drawString(0, 9, "OK");

However, trying to use that same library and commands in the OTAA_DHT11 sketch causes all manner of misery and compilation chaos. heltec.h just does not work in that script.

So my question is – how do I get BOTH the LoRaWAN and Display working nicely in the same sketch?


The display Shows the power right if n 128x64 display. The Top legt is at 64x32

I’m sorry, I am not clear from your message what I have to do!

You have to write the x,y coordinates in the drawstring command.

display.drawString(64,32, “TEXT”);

This weites the text in the upper left of the display.

Normaly 0,0 would be the upper left.
Using the little display of the wireless stick the upper left is 64,32, cause it is Only showing the lower right Quarter of a normal 128x64 display

Ok, I understand, There is no way to define the size of the display, then?

I changed all the fonts to 10 point too, and it all looks good :slight_smile: