Heltec WiFi Kit 32 rev 2 connection issue with Google WiFi


Received 3 Heltec WiFi kit 32’s recently and can get them to connect to WiFi but very sporadic with lots of packet loss when connected to my Google WiFi access point. (Part of a google mesh system). If I connect them to my Netgear R6400 they all work flawlessly. I loaded the Heltec board into board manger and using the Audrino esp libs. The router and AP are all at the latest firmware. There are no advanced settings within the google wifi that I can see.

I also have the same issue when using the example WiFi code (same exact behavior as my code).

As a side note I have other ESP Dev Kit v4 from other vendors and they connect without issue using the same code.

Anyone else seeing this or have any ideas as to things I can try to resolve this?