HelTec Website down?

@Supporter @Aaron
just wanted to have look on your website.
but heltec.org goes to https://heltecdotcn.wpcomstaging.com/ and that is a older version of the site without the new cubecell products.

heltec.cn has no ssl cetificate
and without https it does not load at all only a rotating little pic

YES all down for me as well just times out!

Hi, there

Maybe that’s because of the cache problem, can you please test in private mode?

Waiting your feedback, we on the net all the time.

Tried it with clearing cache but without luck

https not working and http gives the circle


your site is only reachable from china.
i have tested it from the usa and europe all with the same result as shown for munich

your new ip has not been propagated to US and European DNS Servers.

Thanks for your guys feedback, we are checking on it.

Hi no ok can see the new products thanks.