Heltec Tracker 1.1 and Warn Boot time

Dear: I have several Tracker v1.1. They do not come with the battery for the GPS and the GPS boot time is 140 seconds… when the manual says that in a warm boot it should take 1 second. Can anybody help me. thank you

Can you provide detailed logs

  1. I bought 10 tracker v1.0, none of them work because they all restart when VGNSS_Ctrl is activated. I suppose because the voltage regulator at 3.3V does not have enough current. Nº de pedido: 8170028163228678. Aliexpress

  2. Now buy 6 Heltec Tracker v1.1 I can’t find in the Heltec example library any example of the use of GPS and TFT for this version in the 0.0.9 package. Using the example for V1.0 change the VGNSS_Ctrl x Vext according to electrical diagram v0.5. The time to obtain valid data from the gps.location.isValid() function of the TinyGPSPlus library is 150 seconds. in all starts. and the TFT does not work.

Could you tell me what log you need? Could you send me an example valid for Tracker V1.1 (Factory Test).



Dear: Download this program on Heltec Tracker V1.1 and it does not work. Or at least the TFT doesn’t turn on… I downloaded it to a new one with the factory program and it stopped working. Does V1.1 no longer have the battery for the GPS? greetings

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Dear, currently I have 2 problems with Tracker v1.1

  1. The acquisition time of latitude and longitude takes between 80 and 150 seconds. That is correct. It is the time between when Vext is activated and the gps.location.isValid() function of the TinyGPSPlus library returns an true with clear view of the sky. Cold boot = 24s. and Warn boot = 1sec. (Folder sheet).

  2. The software indicated in the link above is not the one that the tracker v1.1 has loaded because loading it does not activate the display. Then I can´t to probe with it the acquisition time.

I hope you can help me solve both problems.