Heltec TPU 4054 will load stop overcharge protection?


I’m using a Heltec Lorar V2 ESP32 2.1. I wonder if you can help me understand …

I want to check that when using a Lipo connected via the JST 1.25 into the TPU 4054 charging circuit, and charging via the usb cable that I can continue to run the ESP32 (and connected components) which will draw a current of up to 200ma and that the overcharging cut out will continue to work.

I have a doubt because I’ve been reading up about the TPU4056 DW01 modules and know that if you charge a lipo and also have a load connected to the output terminals then that can make the DW01 think that the cut off threshold has not been reached and overcharging will happen.

I’m guessing that this is wired in such a way that when the USB is connected, the battery charging is isolated and therefore not connected to the load…

I’m sure the answers are all in the circuit diagrams but I’m very new to all of this so apologies in advance if I’ve asked a really stupid question.


After more reading it seems that the on board TPU4054 does have overcharging protection in the way its wired in.