Heltec sync resume

Hello Heltec,
I’m trying to install my Heltec hotspot. I believe it’s already in the Helium blockchain network. .The orange led is always on. As far as i know the orange led must blink until 100% sync. Question: How to restart or resume sync? Thanks in advance.

Hotspot: bitter-ginger-scorpion
Hotspot Maker: Heltec Automation
Address: 11gsin6P7XmddgQAP4mmMAzygg3vagFvLxq2RLFwYuGNJ5GbYj3
Connected to Blockchain: no
Dialable: no
Height: 1,048,579
Last Challenge: never
Firmware: 2019.11.06.0
App Version: 3.6.0
Wi-Fi MAC: 08:E9:F6:0E:6E:30
Eth MAC: 78:72:64:E0:01:43
NAT Type: Unknown
IP Address:
Disk status:
Report Generated: 2021-10-11 07:13 AM
Device Info: Nebula | android 28

According the following link steady orange means it is fully synced.


You can restart the hotspot by briefly pressing the blue power button.

It’s a fake sync. I turned on the hotspot and in less than 30 minutes completed the sync ? Normally the sync takes 96 hours or more

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Definitely not a fake :slight_smile: our units sync very fast

@Mikmac, should firmware update to more recent?

Firmware: 2019.11.06.0