Heltec products Questionnaire

Hello guys,

In the past two years, we have successively launched many new products and achieved good results. We want to ensure that this has been innovating the original intention. We believe you already have a certain understanding of our products. We recently created a questionnaire.

We asked some questions: Customer satisfaction, You also want us to launch certain products, Your suggestions for our products, What other novel ideas do you have, etc.

The link of Questionnaire, Please click here

The Users who answered the question seriously and some lucky users will receive our Heltec product coupons.

Hey @Supporter I think some of those options should be checkbox (multiple answers) and not radio buttons? e.g. I use platform.io and arduino.


Thanks for your feedback. We have modified.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your support. The activity is still in progress, please participate actively.

Here are the users who have recently received rewards:
pisni.silvano@gmail.com(Can’t get in touch temporarily).

They got a coupon(-15%). Get a discount next time you shop.

This user(pisni.silvano@gmail.com) please contact us. We can’t reach you.


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I’m not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I’mma ask anyways: are there any plans to introduce RISC-V into your products? I’ve lately been eyeing several RISC-V MCUs in order to test them and I was just curious about your plans.

Compared with the ARM, RISC-V does have some advantages, and we are also paying close attention. But there is no RISC-V chip that will shine… Do you have some recommend RISC-V MCUs?