Heltec miner re-flash firmware

Having an issue with one of my heltec ht-m2808 miners
Had power failure and when connected to power only power button comes on solid blue. No other led on the left. Not even system white led. Power button doesn’t reset the miner nor power down. Suspect eMMC corruption. Need to re-flash firmware. How do i do that? I’ve read R button on the back is for manual re-flash but couldn’t find instructions on how to…
Please help


Sorry for the delayed reply… did you find the directions to flash?

Thanks for replying. No I haven’t.
Heltec support email telling me to return miner for testing. Not too happy about that. First shipment is going to cost me >$100 and when they fix it and send it back I’m losing at least couple of weeks.
Would be great if i could do something on my end. Support says they can’t even if they wanted to since ethernet or system white led doesn’t come on…
Any advise?

Have you found a solution? Thank you!

Had to send it back and they fixed it and covered shipping costs

Could you please give directions as to how to solve this issue?
I have 2 heltecs that have the same issue - only power light’s on - no other lights.