Heltec Miner Finally Sync After 5 Days, But Still Problems

The orange light is on and has stopped blinking, but the Helium app is still saying it is syncing. I am trying to Update Hotspot antenna and elevation details, but receive the Error: There was an error constructing the Assert Location transaction. Please try again.

Also, my Hotspot is relayed, despite the fact that I have opened port 44158 on my router days ago.

Can you help me fix these problems?

There has been intermittent problems with the network, and also is usually a 24-48 hour delay in gossip of Sync status… this should have come good for you now?

Miner is synced now, but Helium app is still saying Relayed. It’s been 9 days since it was set up. Does it take 9 days for Relayed to work?