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@Supporter Hello to you! :slight_smile:

I’m having good idea, why wouldn’t you make an dashboard for Heltec indoor helium hotspot, so we as users can reach to the device if we need to?

And one more idea is - fast/turbo sync mode for hotspot like other vendors do…

Thanks for reading this, hope it will be boostable for your business and our experience with Heltec ! :slight_smile:


It would be really good to see these features as it helps a lot. Being able to have a dashboard to diagnose issues, with frequent changes to the network, issues arise all the time. Having this dashboard will make the users and heltecs life easier. Most users will be able to self diagnose and not bombard the heltec support team. Fast/Turba sync is crucial, so many times I’ve had to use this feature with my other helium devices, life saver. If Heltec can also build a remote management software it would help the users with multiple devices having to constantly nag the hosts or travel to host locations to resolve issues.

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Dashboard is nice but fast sync option on the local dashboard is a must!

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Yeah, we need dashboard to be perfect as Sensecap’s dashboard ! An online version, and LAN version. Also, we would need temperature sensors to be displayed at dashboard so we can know when it’s getting to hot or too cold… :slight_smile:

We will add the temperature display in the next update.


Please, PLEASE add to FAQ and manual info how to access dashboard because people are asking for it all the time on discord.

@admin1 @shaffer Hi, may I give a suggestion for ONLINE DASHBOARD ? :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if you can create the online dashboard for Heltec hotspots, so we can monitor all the hotspots we own at one place online- any time . The diagnostic platform is awesome, but you can access only one hotspot at the time, but with online dashboard with all hotspots and their info at one place would be much easier for us who have 20 hotspots- to monitor all of them easy…

Is there any chance you could make it?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your feedback. The on-line management page is on the way :wink:


Wooow ! That is great to hear ! :)))) THANK YOU ! I can’t wait to see it ! :slight_smile:


28days since you said the online management page is on it’s way … When it will arrive, is there any sign of it in near future ?

I’m having really big problems to monitor my 20 hotspots one by one… It would be much easier to have them at one place, one website… Same or similar to Sensecap’s dashboard - that would be win win situation ! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance @Supporter