Heltec Indoor Hotspot not earning after recent Helium Network outage

Hi Team, After recent Helium outage, the new firmware has been released by Helium. Post that there is no activity happening on Heltec Indoor miners, please see attachment. I have tried rebooting multiple times. can you please suggest way forward


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Same problem here, no earnings while other brand hotspots around earns much more often than mine.

follow, I have the same problem

Same problem. My heltec hotspot is online, synced, not relayed. But no activity. Like dead. Are they low quality or is it firmware problem?

same issue on one of my miners, sends beacons but not witnessing

These periods of non earnings have been Due to multiple Helium blockchain Errors over the past 7days. We are up to the 4th mandatory update and The most recent error is another block the validators of helium network could not move past.

Hopefully all of our earnings and hotspots return to normal soon :frowning: sorry this is out of our control.

Hi Heltec support, Its been more than 15 days Helium issue has happened, but still the Heltec miners are not earning anything. My all Heltec miners are making 0.0001 a day, its very poor performance, whereas Nebra and Sensecap are making it, whats the difference, can anyone please look into this.


You have some problem with setup of your devices. My device works ok. We can talk about ± 25% earnings problem, but not like your situation…

It was working atleast fine until last major issue on Helium network, I use to get atleast 0.3-0.4 but after the issue there is significant drop, I have not changed Anything in my setup, it’s all as per previous, if things become normal atleast I should get 0.2, but it’s quite different, I can share my device name if Heltec support can login and help to find the issue


Let’s hope something is sorted soon. I have low earnings because I have very low witness count… My LoraLogs have many Data “52” transactions but maybe 5% is converted to earnings

Dont worry they basically dont earn anyway

Thanks for your response, but thats my problem, almost all transactions are converted into earnings in my other hotspots such as Nebra and Sensecap, where as very low and poor transactions and earnings in Heltec.

4 witnesses 20 days

Hello Heltec Support, Is there any action been taken on this? I am sure lot of people in Discord groups also complaining that Heltec devices are not performing when compared to other devices. Please let us know if there is any fix being developed?


Everything fixed right now?

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