Heltec HT-M01 gateway antenna technical characteristics

Good afternoon,

When I bought my Lorawan Heltec HT-M01 gateway it came with an antenna that I show in the image, but I do not have the technical characteristics of this antenna, can you please help me with the data sheet of this antenna?

Thank you very much for your help!

This antenna has been strictly tested by us to ensure that it is suitable for this gateway. You don’t need to worry about its mismatch.

good evening,

I do not doubt the high quality of the product, but I am doing academic work and they ask me for the technical data, please, if you can provide me with this information.

I have had no problems with the Heltec brand, I think it’s great!

For my academic work I need to put in data from the antenna.

I have an additional question, is there a program to calculate the theoretical coverage of the heltec gateway?

Thank you very much for your answers

Hi, the best solution is to use a VNA or at least a NanoVNA, best proof for describing the antenna.

Hello, thank you very much for your answer.

Unfortunately I do not have a VNA, when I bought my Lora mini gateway, it came with this antenna, I thought that the manufacturers could help me with the technical data, to simulate the coverage in a sorftwate, I have the following module:

Lora mini gateway at 915 Mhz.

I have searched the internet and I only find this model

Physically it is identical but it is 415Mhz.

My gateway is 915 Mhz all of a sudden they gave me the wrong antenna u.u

I just need to know the technical data to do my research work.

I hope you can help me, thank you very much everyone !!

As @Quency-D said, these antennas was stricly tested by Heltec.
Nano Vna is 30€ and you can caracterize all types of antennas.
For your information, an antenna does not only refer to the plastic case around but more about what is connected to the SMA connector. Anyway, you can buy another 915MHz antenna with datasheet.