Heltec ESP32 Wifi not working (solved)

On diymore WiFi Kit 32 ESP32 WiFi with OLED without extern antenna

When WiFi.begin(ssid, password); have never worked,
it may due to hardware problem of the onboard wifi antenna.

After putting a finger on the antenna board and reset : it’s connecting in less than 5 second.
you may use a alligator clip, or braze a wire instead of

Hope helping

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Do you have more detailed instructions on how to correct this fault? Video? Photos?

I have three boards with this same problem, and just came here to find out how to get replacement boards.

I think a spring or extern antenna would have been better,
but there is no connector for it in this ESP32 version.

It may be an issue for a good Lora communication,
I haven’t check yet.

In a way, it’s not logic for a board doing long distance communication, not having an extern antenna

At least the ESP32 board, in station mode, is connecting to my smartphone in close range.


After hours of searching, like all of us. Winning in the end :grinning:

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Thanks for the photo :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s all it is?! :thinking:

I thought for sure it was a cold solder joint on the board or something like that. When I press the board at the back the Wi-Fi connects right away. This explains why it works better when I connect a battery cable to the back of the board.

I tried the alligator clip, and it works!!! :exploding_head:

I have soldered a 13cm solid copper wire on to the antenna and it works great now.

Thanks so much Joss, I was ready to toss these boards and buy from another manufacturer.
I’ll have to test the range now> I was considering LoRa for my project, as the range for ESP-Now on these boards wasn’t very good, and was unreliable until now.

I’m so happy it works also for you Russel.

Thank you for your feedback, this confirms an issue on some board that the manufacturer should already know, but continue to sell

The trick is too much to be true, but it’s working.
It would have been a Mc Guyver legacie (series in the 80’s), if using a staple :rofl:

It would be interessing to see your post on long range communication.

I hope it’ll reach others who are stucke in this situation. If that the case, feed the post.

Have fun Russel !