Heltec ESP32 Lora V2 restart


I have problem with my Heltec esp32 lora v2 device, it restart every time afer send lora packet to gateway.
I power device via usb micro, but distance from power to device is around 180 meters. I check voltage on the end of cables and it is 5.179V. If I connect and power device from computer usb port with 1m usb cable it works without problem.
I check my code and it restart after send lora packet to gateway. If I delete lora code device works. I use My code below:

I use heltec.h library:
#include “heltec.h”

Is the problem cable distance or what could be the problem?

Thank you and best regards

Long-distance cable transmission will bring loss. The cable itself has resistance value. This resistance value can be ignored at a few meters in length. The line you are using is too long(Can’t ignore this resistance value).You can detect the current at the end of the power supply input separately in the form of a series ammeter(long cable and 1 M cable).

We suggest you thicken your cable(The diameter must be more than 1cm).And increase the input voltage.

Or use Battery-powered solution.

Thank you for your answer.
Maybe I can use 12V power and then convert to 5V at the end?

I’m not sure, you can just try it.

I tested with 7.5V and with converter to 5V and it works, it is stable now. Thanks