Heltec CubeCell - send AT commands programmatically

I want to send to the CubeCell AT-Commands by Code.
For example Serial.write(“AT+XXX\r”) doesnt work.
Any ideas how to solve that?

Thanks a lot in advance…

Try sending without the carriage return

No, that has no effect…

That about defining the commands as char ?

Something like:

char command1[] = “AT+XXX”;

and then

Serial.write((uint8_t *) command1);

Didn’t tested this one - only as a rough thought about your problem…
Perhaps you could create a string with the “base” ‘AT+’ plus the actual command ‘XXX’.
Don’t forget to include

#include “string.h”

at the beginning.

Example may be like that:

char start[]=“AT+”;
char command[]=“XXX”;
char end[] = “\r\n”;
Serial.write((uint8_t *) start);
Serial.write((uint8_t *) command);
Serial.write((uint8_t *) end);



I found this on documentation. Maybe it will help, I’m planning to try also.
Serial Port Settings

* Baud rate: 115200
* Stop bit: 1
* Data bits: 8
* DTR, RTS requirement:  **None**
* Ending characters:  **None**

**Make sure there is NO ending characters or new line in you serial monitor config.**


Serial.write() is to output serial data through the chip, not to write to the chip through the serial port.

Yeah it’s wrong. Do you have any idea how? I tried to use the WASN configurator but I couldn’t verify that it is receiving my AT commands.

What is it that you are trying to achieve? Many of the AT commands have direct variables that can be changed, so if you tell us what you want to actually do, we might be able to help.