HDC1080 sensor capacitor

According to the datasheet, it needed a 0.1µF capacitor between the VDD and GND pins.

However, the HDC1080 sensor board has an extra 10uF capacitor on it. May I know why the HDC1080 sensor board adds an extra 10uF between it’s VDD and GND?

The sensor power control by Vext and shutdown during sleep.
This 10uF capacitor creates a huge current peak when Vbat turn on after sleep. (1mV=1mA)

If I remove the 10uF, the sensor work as normal, and the current peak much smaller.


I’m sorry that There may be a problem with our communication, this capacitor should have been removed.

We have re-communication with the production department.There won’t be such a problem again.

Thank you for your feedback.
Maybe it is useful if it connects to 3.3V on the mainboard
Current buffers for other sensors in CubeCell Capsule

One more thing,
HDC1080 is a bit slow. For 14-bit accuracy it needs
-Device start-up time: 10ms
-Temperature conversion time:6.35ms in the datasheet, 9ms in source code
-Humidity conversion time:6.5ms in the datasheet, 9ms in source code

I recommend using HDC2080 as an optimization solution:
-lower power consumption
-shorter start-up time(3ms) and conversion time (0.61ms and 0.66ms)
-wakeup the Cubecell using the DRDY/INT interrupt output to reduce the turn-on duration.


thank you for your suggestion.

we will test HDC2080.

A. Gaston www.flexgroups.com

Question: What is the HDC2080.? Is it a new Heltec module? Is it available?

Are we talking about the [Texas Instruments’] HDC2080 device, it has an integrated humidity and temperature sensor that provides high accuracy measurements with very low power consumption in a small DFN package?

Best Regards!


We currently have plans to make this sensor and We are ready to test its series of indicators.