GPS Accuracy HTCC-AB02S

I have a HTCC-AB02S with a 32db gps antenna attached. Receives a gps fix way faster then the built in. Unfortunately I have some erroneous reports where receiving in home assistant.

Any suggestions? Running this

Are you using an Active antenna?

I’m using this

32db High Gain Cirocomm 5cm Active GPS Antenna Ceramic Antenna 25x25x2mm Geekstory

For that antenna it uses 2.8V~5.0V at ≤20ma
In the schematic for HTCC-AB02S V1.1the E2 U.FL antenna socket it directly wired to C48 470pF cap that feeds a MAX2659 LNA (low noise amplifier) with 20.5db gain. There is no supply voltage for an active antenna, to use one you would have to build a circuit board that the antenna plugs into and feed it voltage then have a connection to the HTCC-AB02S through a matching network but how that would affect the MAX2659 is not known. The MAX2659 uses 1.6V~3.6V at 4.1ma and has a shutdown mode to save power. I have several active and many standard GPS antennas I’ll try if I can get the G12 part to work, as it stands the example software can not get connected to the serial port at any baud.

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