FILTER PROBLEM wich casue low earning on helium miner

hello , as i heard from people , there were problems with the helium miners from heltec that caused the lack of income and earning , as the people in social media telling the HELTEC company knew about the products and the problem and never stop selling them , and the product shipped till 10 DEC has the same problem ,
im not sure about it and what is it. but people saying there will be a FILTER needed to fix the isssue , please clarify this problem , becasue im one of those who suffering from this problem .

i have

  • 140 witness
  • 90 beacon
    out door antenna 6 db ( after losses 4.2 db miner input )
    25 m height

but i only can witness less than 10

as they say this is the product problem and cmpany need to fix it .

im looking for further answers . thank you

The problem is not only the filter but amplifier as well. The RX signal is underpowered and unfiltered. I witnesses 3 people :neutral_face: Heltec has a VERY good TX tho, I have to give them that!


same probem, with 3,5dbi Antenna (original one) i hat

total withnesses: 11
7D Avg Beacons: 35

now update to 5,8dbi antenna (outdoor)

total withnesses: 15
7D Avg Beacons: 49

last days i earn 0,003 HTN per day before update

now after update today

0,029 HNT
0,024 HNT
0,003 HNT

days before update

0,015 HNT not more

i think problem of the firmware but no responce from Heltec here ?!?!

similar , my income is less than 0.05 daily , but with my setup and preferences teh estimate of income is over 0.2

Hi, the same situation happens here.

Yesterday my Heltec had some medicre activity but today almost anything happened (0,05 hnt).

Comparing to a Cal-chip device (Virtual Brunette Bird) very close to mine, which has a very similar setup, my earnings are very, very poor.

Please check my activities today:

Will the support team bring us a solution for the harware problems mentioned?

Thank you,


Yeah, I have 20 Heltec miners, and many of them aren’t working fine… Earnings are sooo sooo low that I want to cry !
I would like to ask @Supporter and @admin1 @Sengital_admin WHY we are going to receive only SAW FILTER - WHEN THAT IS NOT THE solution? Why you don’t send us the amplifier with saw filters inside ??? The SAW filter will never resolve this problem…

the thing is that other brandes with same issues , are working on solutions and sending free or cheaper parts such as filters to their customers and checking the changes ,
they are researching about problem , they are working on it and they care about their customers . but for heltec i ddidnt see any thing such . they dont even work and announce any thing in their DISCORD

Any update on this thread?
Heltec - are you going to respond.

I also have an under performing miner.
Don’t get me wrong, I am getting about 0.12 ish a day but everyone around me is way higher than that (some are about 5+ times greater).

Is this just the Norm or is there an issue with Heltect miners?

My miner seems to go to sleep for 3 or 7 hours at a time LoL.

Wish I had enough money to buy a SenseCap (or other) to be able to plug it in place of the Heltec and do a back to back test.

Anyway, Heltec is there an issue with your miners not witnessing everything that they should or not?
I would like to know from the experts not just youtube videos.

Rant over LoL.


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